Frequently Asked Questions

What are your areas of expertise?

Working with seniors and individuals that are overwhelmed. Decluttering homes for downsizing of moves or just to declutter. Creating systems that work to create a comfortable organized space.

Are you certified?

Yes, with!directory/map

Are you insured?


Do you attend conferences or tele-classes and stay abreast of current trends and techniques?

Yes, I do.

Do you have local references?


Do you belong to any professional organizations?

Yes, I am a member of the American Society of Professional Organizers.  They offer incredible continued education and networking.

What hours do you work?

8:00am – 4:00pm
(weekends available)

How long have you been in business?

I have more than 20 years executive and private organization as well as professional planning.

Do you work alone or do you have a team of employees or subcontractors, if necessary?

I attend all consultations with clients personally and scale up based on the project.

Do you have advertising on your car?

Yes, door magnets (can be removed, if requested).

Do you take photographs on my property (or, at my business)?

Yes, I take photographs of my organizing projects for illustrative or promotional purposes.  My client’s personal information is protected, confidential and not released.  There is a Photo Release page in the contract.

Do you bring the necessary supplies, or do I purchase them separately?

I provide labeling materials, measuring materials, trash bags, minor tools

Do you purchase supplies or materials at a discount, do you charge an “up charge” or an hourly shopping fee?

I will purchase supplies only after the client approves. There is no upcharge and shopping is at the hourly rate.

Do you make arrangements to take away any donations, consignments, and trash? If so, do you charge a fee for this service?

Yes, hourly rate and I have a reference sheet to go over what your options are.

What is your fee & how do you charge?

4-hour minimum, trip charges outside of 20 miles.
Free Consultation

How long is your standard organizing session?

I will do a free consultation or over the phone to gage. 
4-hour minimum.

How do you work with clients who have a lot of sentimental attachments to things?

I will not dispose of items without your explicit permission, I will help guide you toward making a decision.  Letting go of items is a process.

What is your cancellation policy?

Yes, 48 hours or a $50 charge

Do you have a contract or letter of agreement?


FAQ’s Chef Services

What do you need from me in order to book service?

We will have a chat to get to know your food preferences in order to create a perfect menu for you. Arrival information, including gate codes or kitchen access information, will be needed as well to ensure your meal goes smoothly.

What exactly is included?

Price Includes shopping, prepping, cooking, serving, execution on-site, clean up, and all leftovers.

If you require a deposit, when do you need it how do I pay it?

Your date is confirmed once 50% deposit has been received, 72 hours before the event.  Proposals are sent through FreshBooks via email, once signed it becomes an invoice. Checks and direct bank transfers are preferred forms of payment. A Honu Space accepts credit cards with a processing fee of an additional 4%, credit cards, and Venmo.

When do we have to give you our menu selections?

Final payment is due once menu selections have been made, which is 72 hours before the event.

How long are you in our home?

Chef arrives about 2 hours before the meal is served, dinner for two to four takes approximately 2 hours, and an hour to clean up, so on-site in your home around 5 hours.

What if we all don’t want to eat the same menu?

The menus are designed for one chef to cook and execute in your home.  Additional dishes will result in additional staff being on site.

How much is extra staff? At what point do you bring in more staff?

Additional staff are $50/hour and for parties of 5 or more an additional staff is on-site, as well as multiple menu items.

Is it customary to tip? If so, what’s the average tip that’s provided by your clients?

Tips are never expected but always appreciated.  Though a tip is customarily given to show appreciation for your service, the industry standard is 20%, online reviews are also welcomed and rewarding.

Are there any additional fees we need to know?

There is a $25 fee outside of Wailuku, Kahului, or Kihei.  Any menu changes after the 72-hour confirmation will require a $50 change fee.

Do you have a kid’s menu?

Our menus are designed for adults and feel that persons under 12 would not prefer them.  You may have your own food ready for them and we will serve.  With additional staff a special arrangement can be made. \

Chef takes great pride in her work and promises to respect the clients, their home and their equipment. Chef will leave her workspace as clean as it was found, remove personal equipment, label and put away all leftovers. Please make sure the kitchen area is clean and ready for the chef on their scheduled cook date and that the meal containers are ready for use. If chefs arrive to an unsuitable workspace, they will document the area with a photo(s) and a cleaning fee of $50 will be added to the invoice.


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