Belia Paul, Home and Lifestyle Organizer

Hello, I’m Belia!

Belia Paul is a Professional Organizer and Private Chef. 

Belia worked for over 20 years in the hospitality business as a Chef and General Manager.  After a successful career of creating manageable systems and problem-solving Belia now brings those solutions into people’s homes, offices and kitchens. 

Helping individuals, couples, and families with bereavement, decluttering, and organizing their homes or offices, while creating systems to keep it that way.  As a Private Chef, she works on-site in your home cooking, meal planning, and creating specialty dishes.  

Belia enjoys cooking, entertaining, and being around people to talk stories. 

Belia provides a free, unbiased, non-judgmental consultation. 


(808) 357-4598
[email protected]